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CREC joins NESI-SES Association

Posted on 11/1/2013 by Larry Mattox SU

Central Rural Electric Cooperative recently joined the collaboration between Smart Energy Source and Oklahoma State University’s National Energy Solutions Institute. The NESI-SES Association is working to find practical energy solutions for private industry in energy production, distribution and conservation by utilizing practical and impactful research.

“Central Rural Electric Cooperative is excited to be a founding member of the NESI-SES Assocation,” said David Swank, CEO of CREC. “We’re so lucky to have a university that is so heavily involved in energy right here in our backyard. We believe our cooperative members will benefit from the research that the NESI-SES Association is facilitating, and we look forward to a long-term relationship with the association.”

The NESI-SES Association believes that in order to address the dynamic challenges the energy industry is currently facing, there must be an increased intensity focused on collaboration, collective intelligence and business analytics. This will lead to smarter planning and smarter solutions for the future energy generation.

The NESI-SES Association is a collaboration of utilities and energy-related organizations dedicated to finding solutions that will allow the energy industry to move into the next generation. The synergy between NESI and SES is grounded by the fact that SES provides a vehicle by which NESI can translate its cutting-edge research into practice.
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