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NESI-SES Association Introduces Energy Uplink

Posted on 8/7/2014 by Joe Gray

The National Energy Solutions Institute-Smart Energy Source Association (NESI-SES) recently announced the launch of Energy Uplink, a web-based collaboration tool that provides news, discussions and networking opportunities for professionals and researchers in the energy industry.

The new site was recently introduced to a group of Oklahoma State University faculty and staff, along with representatives from the utility industry and regulatory agencies. 

“We found there is not one place we, as energy industry professionals, can go to that has information on all aspects of the energy industry including electric distribution, oil and gas, renewables,” said David Swank, CEO of the NESI-SES Association.  “Energy professionals need a place to find the latest trends in the energy industry for all aspects, and Energy Uplink provides that.”

Energy Uplink is geared toward providing a one-stop destination for news, industry events, job postings, blogs and research discussion groups.  Once registered, users can customize their profile, join specific industry news and discussion groups, post and search job listings, and make networking connections with others in specific areas of interest. For more information on Energy Uplink, visit,

The NESI-SES Association is a non-profit association dedicated to finding effective energy solutions and securing energy for the next generation through research, collaboration, education, analytics and collective intelligence. The association is headquartered on Oklahoma State University’s campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. For more information on the NESI-SES Association, visit or follow the association on Twitter @ NESI_SES.

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