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Automation Integrated demonstrates drone integration

Posted on 7/26/2016 by Larry Mattox SU

The National Energy Solutions Institute-Smart Energy Source Association (NESI-SES) board and partners were given a demonstration of the Blue Forge asset management system by Automation Integrated (AI) at a NESI-SES board meeting on June 29.

“BlueForge is built on AI’s customizable platform for the Internet of Things (IoT),” said Jeff Houpt, president and CEO of AI. “ provides the infrastructure, tools, services, and user interfaces, everything you need, from the first mile to the last mile, to create sophisticated connected solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure.”

AI demonstrated how video footage from an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone can be uploaded to the platform. The video footage is geo-fenced around the asset and made accessible to the BlueForge asset management system for use by maintenance and engineering personnel.

“The investments Central has made in UAV technology and the ability to monitor assets using this system is a game changer,” said David Swank, CEO of Central Electric Cooperative. “Tied in with Central’s state-of-the-art systems operation center and data center and the solution has the ability to really increase Central’s efficiencies; therefore, leading to significant cost savings.” Swank said.

“The and BlueForge cloud services provide a future-proof architecture that seamlessly incorporate new technologies and easily integrates new and legacy systems to the IoT,” Houpt said.
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