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Nationally Recognized: Smart Energy Source partnership featured in RE Magazine

Posted on 11/2/2013 by Larry Mattox SU

The Smart Energy Source partnership was acknowledged in the August 2013 issue of Rural Electric (RE) Magazine as a model of collaboration among local and statewide partners. The advanced, forward-thinking efforts and partnership caught the editorial eye of the national publication, featuring SES for the first time. The headlined story, “The Smart Squad,” highlighted the partnership of Central Rural Electric Cooperative, Guernsey, an engineering firm in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma State University. This team has focused their efforts on embracing the latest in smart grid technology and system automation.

The grid refers to the electric grid, which is a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to your home or business. A smart grid is digital technology that allows two-way communication between the utility service provider and its consumers. Interactive sensors installed throughout the system make the grid smart. Smart grids consist of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working together with the electrical grid to respond digitally to quickly changing electric demand.

The smart grid represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability and efficiency that will contribute to our economic and environmental health. CREC and its partners are focused on: testing, technology improvements, consumer education, development of standards and regulations, and information sharing between projects to ensure benefits envisioned from their efforts become a reality.

SES was established to carry out a mission to empower consumers to make wise decisions about power. SES partners, CREC, OSU and Guernsey, each play a vital role in these efforts. Guernsey provides experience, analytical and engineering skills while OSU provides research facilities, faculty and students who are interested in the electric industry and eager to discover new ways of solving utility problems. CREC offers real-world knowledge of electric utility operations and consumer demands.

Some benefits associated with the smart grid include: additional efficient electricity transmission, faster electricity restoration after power disturbances, reduced operations and management costs for utilities and ultimately lower costs for consumers and more.
In addition, the smart grid addresses an aging energy infrastructure that needs to be upgraded or replaced. It addresses energy efficiency, bringing increased awareness to consumers about the connection between electricity use and the environment. It also provides increased security to our energy system – drawing greater amounts of homegrown electricity that is more resistant to natural disasters. RE Magazine recognized the collaborative, innovative strides taken by SES to advance this technology for consumers and took advantage of the opportunity by communicating their efforts on a national level to rural electric cooperatives.

RE Magazine is the lead publication for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and provides information to electric cooperative personnel and administration nationally to make sound decisions in today’s fast-paced electric utility industry. RE Magazine has been in production since October 1942 and is based in Arlington, Va.

Complimentary RE Magazine copies are available in the CREC lobby.  A copy of the RE Magazine story can be viewed on here.
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