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NESI-SES Association Funds Research Projects

Posted on 5/14/2015 by

The National Energy Solutions Institute-Smart Energy Source Association (NESI-SES) recently announced awarding $165,000 toward various energy-solution oriented research projects. The NESI- Association board of directors approved funding toward four research projects.

“The association is investing in our energy future by funding research dedicated to finding solutions,” said David Swank, CEO of the NESI-SES Association.  “We are excited to work with these researchers on their projects.”


Dr. Jamey Jacob, Oklahoma State University Booker Endowed Professor with the Department of Mechanical and Aero-space Engineering was awarded $50,000 toward research regarding the capabilities of using unmanned aircraft systems for substation and line inspections. The research will focus on developing a small UAS with advanced, independent navigation capabilities to provide viable, unmanned capabilities for routine inspection and damage detection. The SUAS will also provide data management collection and storage, and intuitive operational interfaces that features intelligent utility tracking using lightweight sensors.


Dr. Qi Cheng, OSU Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Dr. Arash Pourhabib, OSU Assistant Professor with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management; and Dr. Eric Chan-Tin, OSU Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science were awarded $50,000 toward research regarding privacy challenges in smart grid data sharing. The research will focus providing an adaptable framework for data privacy, systems that allows power disruption predictions during extreme weather conditions, and an integrative sensor infrastructure that collects and aggregates all data systems and enables utilities to predict future energy demands and problems in energy transmission.


Dr. Ajay Kumar, OSU Assistant Professor with the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering; and Dr. Raymond Huhnke, OSU Professor with the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Director of the OSU Division of Agriculture’s Biobased Products and Energy Center, and Associate Director of the Sun Grant Initiative – South Central Region was awarded $50,000 toward research regarding biofuels. Utilizing eastern red cedars, the research will focus on providing a cost-effective, small-scale, portable biomass-to-electricity generation option for consumers.


Joel Roark, Associated Material Processing CEO was awarded $15,000 toward the developing improved containment capabilities of coal combustion residue.


“The NESI-SES Association strives to empower researchers to find energy solutions by providing funding, collaboration, collective intelligence, business analytics and market readiness to accelerate the pace of energy innovation,” Swank said. “Through basic and applied research, effective energy solutions will be created that make a large-scale impact.”


The NESI-SES Association is a non-profit association dedicated to finding research-based, effective energy solutions and securing energy for the next generation through collaboration, collective intelligence and business analytics. The association is a collaborative effort among its members, the Oklahoma State University Research Foundation, OSU’s National Energy Solutions Institute and Smart Energy Source. The association is headquartered on OSU’s campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. For more information on the NESI-SES Association, visit or follow the association on Twitter @ NESI_SES. Visit, to collaborate, provide collective intelligence and engage in research projects funded by the association.

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