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NESI-SES taking sensor technology to oilfield

Posted on 8/13/2014 by Joe Gray

The National Energy Solutions Institute and Smart Energy Source continue to work to get real-world data to energy researchers, and are extending that practice into the growing Oklahoma oilfield.

SES is teaming up with Devon Energy to equip well sites with sensors that will provide detailed real-time data about power usage patterns that SES engineers can deliver to the researchers at NESI for further analysis. 


“These sensors give us more detailed readings that help monitor the volatile load that well sites produce,” said Jeff Pollard, SES Engineering Project Lead.  “Each of these sensors adds an additional 20 data points to our system, which helps predict loads more accurately, and make the system more stable as a whole.”


This data will give researchers at NESI real-world data to work with, allowing more accurate study of power usage patterns in oil and gas production.  This data will be housed and analyzed at the Energy Research Operations Center, located on the Oklahoma State University campus.


“These sensors are another step forward toward our goal of uniting energy providers, producers and researchers to share our collective intelligence,” said David Swank, NESI-SES Association CEO.   “The knowledge gained from this research will help us build a more resilient power grid for future generations.”


Devon Energy electricians are working with SES system engineers to install the sensors and will be continuing the project into 2015.

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