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Membership Benefits

By joining the NESI-SES Association as a member, you’re strategically placing your organization or company as an integral piece of a bigger plan. The NESI-SES Association provides you a platform to communicate current and future challenges related to your perspective to form collaboration among other energy industry sectors to create effective solutions. The collaboration to find solutions has the potential to provide many benefits to your organization or company. When you’re a member of the association, you’re not just a member on a local scale that will receive communication on current initiatives; you’re a member who has the opportunity to be involved in the process of many nationwide initiatives.

The NESI-SES Association has many membership benefits that strategically fit into one of the three guiding principles:  collaboration, collective intelligence and business analytics. The links below provide a summary of each principle benefit. The membership level you choose to participate in within the NESI-SES Association will determine the benefits your company or organization will receive.

The NESI-SES Association and its board look forward to collaborating with you more through your membership. Contact the association today to learn more about the membership process by completing the form on the membership page.

Collaboration Membership Benefits
NESI-SES Association Board Seat
Strategic Energy Forum
Premium Branding
Advisory Boards
Energy Conference
EROC Meeting Room Access
Online Gateway
User Group Meetings
Taking Energy to the Next Generation
Energy Innovation Awards
Training Programs
General Branding
Online Networking Tools
NESI-SES Association Newsletter
Ancillary Services (Proposal)

Collective Intelligence Membership Benefits
EROC Access
Real-time Research Access
Online Research Library
Business Model Design Templates
Engineering Roundtables

Business Analytics Membership Benefits
Customized Solutions (Proposal)
Case Study Participation
Business Analytics Workshops
Energy Dashboard
Smart Grid Deployment Collaboration
Business Process Improvement


The advisory board will be elected by the members of the association. The advisory board will provide strategic direction on how the NESI-SES partnership can meet the overriding goal of “Taking Energy to the Next Generation” through increased collaboration, collective intelligence and enhanced analytical methods and practices. In addition, the advisory board will provide input and feedback on the strategic direction of products and services and how these can be leveraged to enhance the impact of NESI-SES. 

The NESI-SES Association recognizes that in order to prepare tomorrow’s engineering talent, it is imperative that engineering students begin to collaborate with energy companies that are facing the many dynamic situations. Engineering roundtable discussions will give students and energy leaders opportunities to discuss live situations within a data laboratory.
New technologies are requiring new competencies and disciplines that are considered non-traditional within the current workforce and many cases leadership. The smart grid deployment collaboration will provide strategic and associate members access to best practices in policy, project management, business modeling and training. This collaboration will provide a path to mitigating risk and increasing return on investment opportunities.
Enterprise integration has been universally recognized as a key to successful smart grid applications. However, enterprise integration is something that few have the internal capacity to develop and deploy within their respective organizations. Access to current business process templates that identify new processes and efficiencies will be provided along with online mapping tools and analytics related to new process improvements.

The Energy Dashboard provides the primary platform for the Energy Research Operations Center, located in the Henry Bellmon Research Center on the Oklahoma State University campus. The energy dashboard allows researchers, utilities and energy consumers access to the live system, allowing them to analyze in real-time the effects of various factors on the electric grid.

The user group will be comprised of NESI-SES Association members and will provide future direction and input on product enhancements. The user group allows participants to have direct input on how tools and technologies can solve current and future challenges across all segments of the enterprise.
The gateway allows for collaboration among organizational leadership through online tools (Web based and iOS) utilizing a number of applications: News Center, Document Manager, Energy Dashboard, Contact Manager, Project Manager, Meetings, Calendar and Smart Map. This tool has been developed in conjunction with Oklahoma State University.
Effective and efficient project management is imperative to reaching an organization’s goals. Some of these goals include mitigating risk, increasing asset management, maximizing return on investment, and adding organization and consumer value. The NESI-SES Association will develop a portfolio of methods, practices and online tools that address these overriding goals.

The annual energy conference will present energy solutions determined by NESI researchers. Members will have branding opportunities at the conference, as well a strategic opportunity for utilities to invite key accounts for relationship building and networking.

NESI and SES will be accepting applications for energy innovations and new business practices within each focus area; Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Utility Automation, Oil & Gas Production, Energy Technologies. These awards will be presented at the Annual Energy Conference for best practices, new innovations and energy policy.
New energy innovations will require new methods of learning and new approaches to solving challenges. The NESI-SES partnership is developing training programs that are targeted at training current and future workers. All NESI-SES Association members will have access to these at a reduced price.
NESI-SES Association members will receive branding on NESI-SES Association related material and websites, including:
  • www. nesi.okstate.edu
  • www.smartenergysource.com

The following ancillary services are available:

  • Programming and development access and discounts
  • Engineering discounts and templates
  • SES newsletter
  • SES Energy Services discounts
  • Marketing material

Several business models surrounding smart grid infrastructure have been completed and can be used for evaluating smart grid investments.

Tomorrow’s energy solutions will require research that provides knowledge beyond that provided by industry peers or current technological companies. Today’s solutions will be largely dependent upon collective intelligence where utilities, energy corporations, vendors, and regulatory agencies are working in collaboration with university research such as the National Energy Solutions Institute. The NESI approach is also to assure that research is then transitioned into practice which including knowledge transfer and implementation of new and innovative technologies.

The NESI-SES Association board meets no less than quarterly to provide guidance for the NESI-SES Association. The board sets forth the strategic plan of the association and helps determine the research projects to be completed.

Participation in the Annual Strategic Energy Forum will be crucial to helping shape national energy policy. The forum is a meeting with policy makers for the purpose of creating long-term energy strategy that will help drive the focus of NESI research initiatives.
The Energy Research Operations Center, located in the Henry Bellmon Center on the Oklahoma State University campus, provides a real-time learning laboratory for students and faculty through analysis of data provided by those cooperative, utilities and oil and gas producers that are members of the NESI-SES Association.
Members of the NESI-SES Association receive customized benefit solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of their organizations. These customized solutions provide NESI-SES Association members the most benefit and gives them access to information in which they are most interested.
Premium branding on the NESI building and rooms within, EROC and EROC meeting room, is available to association members based on their levels of participation. Premium branding rights will be further described within each member’s proposal if applicable.
Tomorrow’s energy solutions will require research that provides knowledge beyond that provided by industry peers or current technology companies. The NESI-SES partnership focuses on practical research that can be tested in the industry today in order to provide future solutions. Association members will have access to this research upon which utility operations and best practices can be modeled after.
The NESI-SES collaboration generates case studies in areas related to energy efficiency, oil and gas production, utility automation, alternative energy and energy technology. These pilot projects allow new technology to be demonstrated and evaluated in the field. Direct access to case studies, including results, will be available to members.
Understanding how to integrate and analyze information from all data points will be critical in this new energy environment. Business analytics workshops will be provided to educate leaders on the latest business analytical practices.
NESI-SES Association members will have access to all of the energy research and findings currently happening at Oklahoma State University. The online research library will be searchable by energy topic, allowing quick and easy access to the latest information regarding national energy research.
The Energy Research Operations Center meeting room will be available to NESI-SES Association members for the purpose of holding board meetings and other such meetings. The EROC meeting room features windows into the EROC and will allow members to view research taking place within the center.
Taking Energy to the Next Generation is a grassroots campaign designed to educate the public about energy innovations and best practices currently being implemented in the energy industry. The campaign focuses on communicating the solutions that are being found through the NESI-SES partnership. Association members will have access to marketing material, branding on the website, electronic newsletters and more.
Online networking tools are provided through the use of an online gateway. These tools are not only for collaboration within an organization, but also between organizations. The gateway increases communication and collaboration giving key information to decision-makers and allowing them to make the right decision at the right time.
An electronic newsletter will be sent to all NESI-SES Association members containing information relating to the latest research projects, discoveries and progress. This will help keep all association members and key stakeholders informed of the progress of the association.

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