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Joining the NESI-SES Association

The NESI-SES Association consists of two main classes of membership:
Cornerstone Membership
Cornerstone Memberships are available for organizations that meet a specified sponsorship threshold. Cornerstone Membership will be made under the direction of the managing member of SES LLC and the director of the NESI. Each Cornerstone Member will be allowed to appoint one voting director and one alternate director to the board of directors. Every Cornerstone Member will be allowed to be a member of, participate in, and vote in any committee or working group created by a resolution of the board of directors.
Associate Membership
Membership in the NESI-SES Association is available at various sponsorship levels. The Associate Membership level consists of three classes for defined market segments. The market segments include utility, energy, government and stakeholders. Benefits for each level of membership vary according to the market segments. The three classes are as follows:
• Strategic Members
• Affiliate Members
• Sponsoring Members
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